The Caroline Chronicles

sprinkled …

July 19, 2011, Father’s Day, Caroline Leigh Waddell was baptised, or as BJ likes to call it, “sprinkled”.

Recently, as a family, we have joined to Methodist Church – the same traditional church I grew up in as a teenager.  The same faith I practiced my entire life (with the exception of the stint in the Catholic school where I was a pseudo Catholic) and the same faith that we were married into …

This is has been a struggle for us as a family.  BJ & I are not particularly “religious” though we do think of ourselves as “spiritual” … church has often been important but not vital.  Not until Caroline came a long … and we agreed she needed the foundation and we as a family needed to find a place where we could grow together … thus, life led us to the Methodist Church.  A far cry from the mega church/rock band concert we attended most Sundays at the beginning of our marriage – a very different understanding of God and church than BJ grew up with.

But here we are – volunteers for the nursery & Bible School … pondering book club & Bible Study … asking each other really deep and thought provoking questions as a result of the sermon and sometimes (well, a lot of times) making fun of the bald guy sitting a few pews in front of us.

I often wonder about religion – does it matter?  And I’m not sure if I truly know the answer to that question … I guess the best I can come up with is:  it matters to us right now.


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